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bill: good morning, breaking jfk airport. alisyn: i'm in for martha maccallum this morning. house republicans get together for a plan similar to the cut,
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cap and balance bill that died on the senate floor last week. the white house argues politics is playing a major role in this standoff. >> we started this process 7 months ago. here we are 7 months later. we are running out of runway. i never thought they would take it this close to the edge and let politic get in the way of demonstrating that we'll pay our bills on time. >> if you look at at rating agencies, what they have said is the reason they question our economy right now and the lone we may get downgraded because they don't have faith this political system of ours can deal in a serious way with the deficit. bill: is that a fact or is that rhetoric? stuart varney, good morning. you have been up all night watching things overseas. >> reporter: yes, i have. bill: i was told the sky was going to fall. >> reporter: investors do not
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like what they see. they think d.c. is playing politics with the nation's financial future. you are right, some people were expecting what i would call panic selling when things opened up this monday morning. that probably not going to happen. the dow industrials will open maybe 100 lower. there has almost been panic tbhieg gold. we have a new all-time price. bill: you remember the days west was well below $300. asia is selling off by half a percentage point. that's not a big deal. a lot of that is tied to greece and not what's happening in washington, is it not? >> reporter: let's put this into perspective. broadly speaking you could say the following. if there is no deal on this debt problem by that deadline in
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early august, if there is no deal you will probably see the stock market retreat big time. if surprise surprise there is a deal, and the debt ceiling is raids and we borrow some more money and we don't default, you can expect stocks to go straight up. that's the situation we are in. what i'm saying is you are going to see an awful lot of up and down with your money hour by hour. that's the way this week is going to be. bill: stuart varney. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is saying she is sure a debt deal with be reached. >> i'm confident congress will do the right thing and secure a deal on the debt ceiling. and work with president obama to take the steps necessary to improve our long-term fiscal outlook. bill: no coincidence she made
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those comments in hong kong. can both side make a deal? senator ron johnson, a newbie on the hill. on the other side democratic congressman adam schiff is here. al report accused gunman in the norway terror attacks making his first court appearance. we also have amateur video of the moments after a car bomb ripped through the government district in oslo. the death toll from thursday's bombing and shooting rampage stands at 93 people killed. gregg, what happened in court this morning? >> reporter: we are going to know in 15 minutes when the judge reads the ruling. but it was a closed hearing. what wire told was the key thing
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is to establish the evidence to keep him in jail. they did on purpose keep it closed. this is a already open society and that quite an exception. they did it they said for security reasons among others, also in order to keep him from getting his message out, something he clearly wants to do. alisyn: this horrible tragedy remind us of our own darkest days after 9/11 or the oklahoma city bombing. how are people in norway dealing with this? >> reporter: well, alisyn, not very well. it's such a shock. someone explained to me. he said this whole country is like a village. the population is so small everybody seems to know somebody who was affected. in a way it was worse than our tragedy because so many of the people are so young.
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given this population, if you put it in american standards it would mean the equivalent of 5,000 people being killed in a terror attack. you get an idea of the scale of it and what it means for the country. it is going to take a while to get over. yesterday there was a mass of grief and hope. at this point there is still a lot more grief. al there are gregg, burke, thanks for the update. bill: you wonder if he had help. no evidence of that so far. one guy for all of this now. analysts are saying the rantings in this 1,500 manifesto are not all his own words. he copied entire passages from american unabomber ted kaczyns kaczynski. kaczynski is serving life in prison for a series of mail
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bombings. later in this hour we'll talk about the motive for this attack and how to stop terrorists if you can in the future. alisyn: two separate shooting incidents shocking the seattle area. one at a low-rider car show. bullets began flying after a fight broke out there. 10 hours later gunshots rang out as a casino nightclub. police say a man shot and wound his test stranged wife. her male companion and five others on a dance floor. bill: brand-new details. oregon congressman david wu accused of engage in unwanted sexual behavior toward the teenaged daughter of a friend. he says he will not resign, but
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has not -- has decided not to run for election. bill: wu and pelosi had a phone conversation over the weekend but neither revealed details of the milwaukee that conversation. alisyn: nearly 500 couples tied the knot in new york city marking the first day the same-sex marriage law went into effect. new york is the biggest state in the country so far to legalize gay marriage. opponents want. >> to put a same-sex marriage referendum on the ballot in
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2012. the protests on the street included members of the westboro baptist church based in kansas. bill: those are some of the stories we are watching on a monday morning. 10 suspicious fires set overnight in hollywood. what's going on there. police are searching for a suspect, too. alisyn: could some prescription drug users get a break? why prices are about to plummet. bill: can they reach a deal? what about what john boehner is work on? >> our plan is to get congress to raise the debt ceiling on time. we do not have the ability, chris, to protect the american people from the consequences of congress not taking that action. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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alisyn: a fox news alert. we need to tell you about this breaking news that has been a security scare at jfk airport.ú the american airlines terminal has been evacuated. this is jfk international in new york city. but this has a ripple effect all over the country because so many planes depart from here. a male passenger is already onboard a flight that is on its way right now from new york city to san francisco. that man reportedly left a bag of some sort in the business class area of terminal 8. when people noticed there was just a random bag left, of course they called the bomb squad. so the bomb squad is en route to investigate that abandoned luggage. scott brenner is on the phone with us. what more do you know about this
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incident? >> reporter: i probably don't know much more than you do. we do lose bags in terminals, it's not a rarity. but because it's new york, there is a super sensitivity up there. i think there was probably more than just a misplaced bag here that we are not aware of. this is a big deal when the tsa asks for a terminal to be locked down. they evacuate the terminal then they require everybody to be spree screened. that's a time-consuming enterprise and it costs the airlines a lot of money. they will have a lot of delayed flights and missed flights. this is something the tsa does not do lightly. alisyn: this guy is already on a flight. he's in mid-air. what's happening on the plane investigating this guy. >> reporter: unless you have air marshals on the flight there isn't much they can do with him.
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onboard the flight you have flight attendants who are not trained in this kind of interrogation. you have a couple pilots who are best off sitting locked behind their cabin door. alisyn: this is a high traffic route, one that you would think would be more high profile. >> reporter: it is, but we have a lot of those flights going across the u.s. and we need to put the air marshals on the flights that we have the most concern about. there may be, by i don't have information on that. alisyn: thanks so much for coming in with your experience and expertise. thank you. bill require many a rare sight at jfk. no one there. back to that story in a moment. house speaker john bane letter unveil we are told another bill to cut into that $14 trillion debt. republican leaders say it
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resembles that cut, cap and balance idea that failed in the senate on friday. in fact it was tabled. meanwhile senate majority leader harry reid also revealed a democratic bill and wisconsin republican ron johnson is on the senate budget committee. i know a lot of americans went to the pool or the beach or hung out with friend and family over the weekend. where are we now on monday. >> nobody still knows. we are not talking about cutting into the $13 trillion debt. we are talking about the debt the president will have us incur. we are trying prevent the fact that we are bankrupting this nation. the last i heard about harry reid's proposal. he's supposedly coming up with $2 trillion in cuts.
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that would still leave our debt at $23.3 trillion. bill: i know what you are worried about. the cuts come years down the road. when the cuts come immediately to take that debt number or control it and control the growth. but the question is, where are we? are we closer or further apart than ever. >> the republicans are the only part party that put forth plans. we pass.the cut, cap and balance plan. we have to put hard spending caps. instill fiscal discipline and i think we need a constitutional amendment to limit the size, the scope and cost of government. until we do that, i don't see there will be a political will to prioritize spending.
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bill: you believe it can be revised and live to see another day. how? >> it had about a 3-day life. everything was being held up by secret negotiations. i believe the american. you is sick of secret negotiations behind closed doors. this should be out in the public arena. if we give the cut, cap and balance a chance, 60% of americans say they favor that. 74% of americans wants a constitutional amendment. i was on a show with senator tom harper. he would like to see a constitutional amendment. we can do that pretty fast, bill. bill: i know you think it can come back and i don't know if the calendar favors you on that. because august 2 is coming up and everybody says that's the day you have got to get it done. if we do not have an idea to go
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forward on the 2nd of august, what do you think happens? >> reporter: i would be willing to agree to a short-term deal as long as we use that short period of time to do nothing but actually fix the problem long term. not short-term deals. not a $2.4 trillion in the debt increase. the president is only concerned about his reelection. we are concerned about preventing the bankrupting of america. that's one of the problems. i don't think the political class here understands the freshman class. the only guarantee i made during my election campaign is i would never vote with my he election in mind. i came here to prevent america from going bankrupt and that's what we need to concentrate on. let's give that a little bit more time in the public arena. i think the american people would support that. in the end we would let the american people decide.
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we pass it to the states, the states decide. bill: a first interpreter, you have been there 7 months and you are sick of the place already. hang in there, ron johnson, the senator from wisconsin. alisyn: are you ready for some football. word that the lockdown could be over. what this means for the start of football season. bill: a mid-air fuel dump that feared a jet to make an emergency landing at a major airport and the pictures will tell the story.
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bill: at jfk they have given the all clear. the suspicious bag has been checked and it's okay. the passenger continues on his flight to san francisco. the travelers at jfk are delayed at least two hours, if not more. alisyn: are you ready for some
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football. an agreement to end the nfl lockouts apparently on track and a few steps away from allowing the season to start. taking the weekend to consider a new collective bargaining agreement. could we see players back on the field this week? steve, where does it stand this morning? >> it looks like we could be hours away from an toned this whole thing. the skittive committee of the nfl players association meets today in washington at 11:00 a.m. and they could vote to accept a tentative agreement that the owners approved. they are expected to vote and the associated press says two people familiar from the negotiations say an agreement has been reached. if the committee votes today and if they approve the deal and recommend ratification, then the 32 team representatives would vote. if they say yes the 4-month-old
6:25 am
lockout could end. the training camps in the team's facilities could be open by mid week. but things seem to be on track. the owners reached an agreement dividing up the $9 billion in annual league revenues with 53% going to the owners, 47% to the players the next 10 years. the players took the weekend to look over the deal to decide how to go forward. alisyn: are there last-minute sticking points that could scuttle this whole deal? >> reporter: they wanted to be able to opt out of the contract in 7 years. preseason play is set to begin august 11 and the hall of fame game that was supposed to be played august 7 has been canceled. only a few teams would have delayed the start their training camp. this is the first nf there work
6:26 am
stoppage since 1987 and it comes like it's coming to an end. bill * a lot of people getting rich off this. there is no professional league in the world right now that has the commercial success of the nfl. alisyn: i'm so glad they are going to make more money. bill: there are new details on the suspected mass murderer. this tragedy is revealing a growing threat overseas and also something here at home. alisyn: we'll tell you what several airlines are doing to charge even more now to fly. tom say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade...
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energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to
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safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. bill: a new headache for airline passengers. congress failed to tree negotiate the funding for the faa. without that funding the government is not allowed to collect taxes so some of the airlines have raised prices on you the passenger. airline tickets are going up sometimes as much as $60. the federal tax practitioner and
6:31 am
small businessman ... god morning, is congress going to work this out? what happened? >> i think our elected officials have postured and polarized one another so much that it caused this problem with the faa. bill: the airline never met a ticket hike they didn't like. i.s. airways and american airlines are going to raise their fares $25 on a typical $300 ticket? >> that's correct. however, before we demonize the airlines, remember they have a responsibility to their shareholders. it's important that the shareholders enjoy opportunity when it becomes available. most of us if we walked past $25 million a day would pick it up. that's all the airline is doing.
6:32 am
>> if you look at congress, they have not really affectively represented the american taxpayer. they completely abandoned generally accepted accounting principles which would have allowed for the extension of the taxes. so we shouldn't look to a corporation or airline to make us whole for the deficiencies of our elected officials. bill: has this happened before? or is this the first time? >> i believe similar things have happened. it's much more exaggerated right now given the moment of what's happening. bill: according to our viewers, paying more. alisyn: there is a news con friend underway in norway after the suspect in the massacre made his first court appearance in court this morning. 93 innocent lives cut short. anders behring breivik confessing to the shooting.
6:33 am
now there are so many questions. what could have been done to prevent this bloodshed and what can be done to stop future attacks? joining us is james carafano. we'll monitor that press conference and bring news as we get it. i want to start with this racist video this suspect posted online and the 1,500 page manifesto that he wrote or plagiarized. what can we glean from these materials? >> this lone wolf thing is a bit of a copout. people say you can never stop a lone wolf. ideological driven ones often talk to other people and communicate their message. i think what we are going to find in this case, i think we'll find when they start to
6:34 am
investigate, they will find a lot of dots to connect. they will find a lot of thing law enforcement should have and could have legitimately investigated without violating anybody's first amendment rights or whatever. and what we'll find is that we need to pay attention to these -- when people make threats like this we need to take them seriously. alisyn: he apparently had been plotting this for years. he began really preparing seriously in april when he ordered 6 tons of fertilizer. but he was work on a farm, so that didn't raise the eyebrows that it should have. but when somebody is just making crazy rants online, what can investigators do at that point? >> i can only speak about american law. but in the united states you can say the government is terrible, but if you say people should attack the government, that many a horse of a different color.
6:35 am
so if somebody ordered 6 tons of fertilizer no big deal. but if they advocate vilolence that is a significant thing. we have something in the united states called significant activity reporting. when law enforcement observe ofs something that's weird. we are trying to collect all that stuff in and cross-reference it. alisyn: this guy is incensed about the influx of muslim immigrant to norway and he wanted to start a revolution. how rampant is this right-wing extremeism in europe or norway right now. >> trite-wing and left-wing extremeism are fads that come and go. we have seen in the past. we saw insurgents in the 1980s. it has nothing to do with islamism and the war on terror and 9/11. it's much more to do with the fact that the european pop lake has been growing very slowly. most of the immigrants have been
6:36 am
coming from north africa and the middle east. they are of arab descent, and they don't ai am slate very well. what we haven't seen and still haven't seen despite this horrific attack -- we have seen some incidents of violence. there was an attempted bombing of a months income norway last year. but we haven't seen a string of campaign like string of that which i suppose is good news. alisyn: every country has to worry about home-grown terrorist. which is what this guy was. how do you combat that? >> all terrorism is bad. the answer is easy. you do effective counter terrorism operations. going and looking for bad guys. people that say they are going to conduct violence against innocent people and then start to investigate how to do that. that's a red flag that needs to
6:37 am
be investigated. there is nothing this guy did in either one of those attacks that anybody couldn't find on the internet. so it's a combining of intent and actually trying to operationallize this that law enforcement -- you can do this. the united states we thwarted over 40 terror attacks since 9/11. most of those were home grown. alisyn: thanks so much for coming in with your expertise. bill: check out the dow. trading 7 minutes we are up triple digits. this probably has something to do with the debt. and it has a lot to do with greece. greece was give up a $157 billion bailout friday. it has been downgraded again. now many people are wondering whethern that money going toward
6:38 am
greece will be able to be paid back. can greece pay its bills? al there are a series of arson fires leaving people on edge. the l.a. fire department count a dozen fires. most burning over the weekend. these are apartment buildings, motorhome and several other vehicles have been set aflame, making matters worse the arsonist is striking in the early morning hours when many people are still fast asleep. bill: no injuries so far. he ran toward a burning bus. now he's being called a hero, helping 30 people escape from that burning wreckage. he's an american soldier and he's our guest today. alisyn: stop worrying about 2012 and start worrying about the debt. john boehner had those tough word for the president. >> i know the president is
6:39 am
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for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. alisyn: the two men charged with severely beating san francisco giants fan bryan stow are facing a judge today. they beat him so badly he became comatose from a brain injury. amy winehouse struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. nearly 7 inches of rain causing blackouts in chicago for several thousand customers and major road closures. bill: the house speaker john boehner was speaking with chris wallace saying president obama i
6:43 am
need to stop worrying about 2012 and start focusing on the ballooning debt. >> after over six months conversations with the president about doing the big deal, about taking a big step in the right direction, it's pretty clear to me they are just not willing to do it. the next election matters more than doing what's right for the country. i'm not worried about the next election. i told the president months ago. forget about the next election. if we do the right thing for the country we won't have to worry about who is going to get elected and who isn't. bill: 49% disapprove of the job the president is doing and 42% approve. book beck many worked in the carter white house. andrea tantaros. is he making a point there? is it valid? >> the president has long been concerned with his image.
6:44 am
if you don't get involved in a fight there is no way you can get punched. he's outsourced a lot of these legislative battles to the hill. you think about obama-care and the stimulus. he outsourced those two fights to pelosi and reid. now he has yet to pass two budget. he has yet to come forward with a debt plan and he punted this debt plan long before these fights started to heat up to joe biden which i think was a serious mistake. he likes to come in at the last minute and be the closer because this way he can remain unscathed and look like the hero. but this time i think it's taken a toll by backing off and staying above the fray. bill: a lot of this has to do with november 2012. >> i like john boehner. but who is he kidding? let me explain something to you here. i love you tantaros but these
6:45 am
deals were done in the white house between obama and baron and baron couldn't stole it his caucus. then he had the insult to not return the president's phone calls. in the 30 years i have been here none has never returned the president's phone calls. and here is the truth. here is john boehner's problem. he can't sell a big deal to his caucus and cantor, the majority leader of the house is after his job. bill: what happened to the grand idea of two guys locking arms and jumping in the water together. bill: nobody was going to jump in with them. >> the reason boehner didn't return his call is the president moved the goal post on him. he asked for more tax hikes and boehner said you are moving the goal post. we already had a deal, now you are change the deal in the
6:46 am
11th hour. you know that's the truth. >> i talked to somebody in that meeting, and here is what the president said. see if you can sell that to your caucus. if you can't, get back to me. bill: this is what supports boehner's argument. 35 fundraisers. $36 million raced for his own campaign. $38 million for the dnc. those are records. >> where do we think we are? ghana? every president raises money? bill: record pace, it's been written about and talked about. you wonder weather he can continue this pace. >> karl rove is raising money that nobody will know anything about. if karl would come clean on it -- at least obama's is out in
6:47 am
the public. bill: the president has gone 180 when it comes to cuts. he says right now he will cut trillions of dollars. >> he says these things but when it comes time to actually do them, he backs out of the deal. if you look at the reality on capitol hill now, these talks are between boehner and between harry reid. where is the president snow's not involved in these talks anymore. he says i'll let harry reid handle it. and bill daly seems thrilled with that. he's thrilled obama doesn't have to get dirty and can expose some skin that can be used against him in 2012. >> there was a meeting of the house liberal caucus and they were screaming for obama's sca scalp. the liberals believe it was real, i believe it was real and the republicans are traditionally throwing the tea party out over the edge with the
6:48 am
rest of the country. bill: we'll see you at 5:00 later today. >> that's right. bill: on "the five" at 5:00. check it out. see you later today. alisyn: there could be some good news the next time you get sick. why you may not have to pay as much next time you get your prescription filled. bill: witnesses describe as a fireball. the deadly bus crash could be been worse except for a soldier who jumped in just in the nick of time. >> i could see the bus exploded. we went right up in the air. everybody up out of their seats. then it was all hell broke loose. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
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alisyn: while the rising cost of gas and food is putting stress on your wallet, drug prices could be heading down because of expiring patents. the generic versions of drugs that americans use every day will soon be available for more. let's bring in our cardiovascular you are gin. these are popular d card year vascular surgeon. >> a lot of people are on multiple drugs. cholesterol, diabetic drugs and they are having a tremendous struggle paying for these to the point where i have never had so many of my patients come in and say do you have any samples, i can't afford this drug.
6:53 am
what do you do? the insurance companies don't want you to use the more modern successful drugs. alisyn: you brought in what you say is a miracle drug but not many people can afford it. >> it's an injectable. i took it myself and i was diabetic, it reversed my diabetes. it's over $300 a month if it's not covered. it's been incredible for my practice. alisyn: that's not one of the ones that is becoming generic. are the generic the same formula as the brand name. >> pretty much. the drug companies preach that the real drug is different and the generic but i haven't found any difference. alisyn: the drug companies make billions of dollars a year on all of these things.
6:54 am
like the lipator. isn't there any way to extend their patents? >> i wouldn't feel sorry for the drug companies. these drugs are worldwide. i'm not feeling any pain for the drug companies. but they are pretty smart. they start coming up with alternatives. they came with vitorin because zocor went to generic. so they made a statin. pepcid, they couple with new names and they push them. so they are pretty sharp, these drug companies. alisyn: there is a reason they are raking billions and billions. blood pressure, asthma, diabet diabetes. high cholesterol, bipolar, hiv.
6:55 am
>> anything that can save people money. the regular insurances are requiring -- i have girls on my office all day getting what we call an accreditation for the drugs. it's a horror. so the generics is going to be big and i welcome it. bill: a plane packed with passengers forced to make a mid-air fuel dumb and emergency landing. alisyn: a desperate search for a missing mother of triplets. jackie waller's mother will join us live with the latest information on the search for her daughter. >> there will be a break in this case this week. >> every day i know we are a little bit closer. >> we keep praying. that's what we do every day.
6:56 am
map next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. shhhh, you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. where do you go to find the superguarantee®? only®. for local maps, deals and more, go to®. and let the good guys save the day.
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bill: whole new hour on a monday morning, 10:00, in new york, good morning, a harsh word for at the president from tim pawlenty taking on the president's handling of the debt crisis, and, this way: >> here's the leader of the free world, would you please come to the microphone and quite hiding in the basement? about your proposals and come on up and address the american people? is he chicken? i love paul ryan but we shouldn't have to have a congressman from wisconsin leading the debate on the nation's financial challenge in one of most historically important moments in the country's history, the president should be standing out courageously and leading on these issues, specifically. and, you can't fight him on it. bill: pawlenty wants the nomination for the republican party. i'm bill hemmer, welcome back here and alisyn. alisyn: thank you. bill: welcome back to you. alisyn: thanks so much, great to see you, i'm in for martha maccallum today. and those comments coming as
7:00 am
some of the t republican candidates hit the campaign trail in iowa. just three weeks ahead of the hawkeye state's big straw poll and pawlenty among those in iowa along with minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann and texas congressman ron paul and there is one major noncandidate, in iowa today, and that is new jersey governor chris christie. he, however, still insisting he's not in the race. bill: good question for steve brown, right, live in iowa now, not talking presidential politics. what brings the new jersey governor to iowa, steve? >> reporter: well, actually, it was an invitation by the iowa governor, and, he's putting together a several-day education summit beginning today and months ago, they reached out to christie noting what he had done in terms of trying to change the educational landscape of new jersey and invited him in and of course, despite the fact that christie's answers on whether or not he'd run for the white house, he said, no, no and no. and, he is still probably going to get questions about whether or not there would be some set of circumstances, and certainly
7:01 am
there are a number of folks, nationally and in iowa who have visited with him to try to convince him to run but he has not yet. bill: so the two minnesotans in the race now, are trading sharp elbows, bachmann... >> reporter: and tim pawlenty, absolutely. it has been interesting over the last 24 hours, and for a week or so, pawlenty has talked about michelle bachmann's record in congress and she has been there three terms but he noted what he believes is a lack of accomplishment and counter points, what he has gotten done in terms of budgets and issues while governor of minnesota and has hammered away at that over the last couple of weeks and yesterday she released a couple of different press releases, talking about first, about how pawlenty mismanaged budgets in minnesota and basically challenged his conservative credentials and, later, compared his policies to being very much like, she alleges, barack obama,
7:02 am
the current president. and, so, we have got what appears to be really high elbows coming off and we understand pawlenty will be addressing this directly, when he takes the microphone, 12:30 central time at a couple of different events here in iowa. more to come, i guess. bill: and, they'll have another chance to do that in a week-and-a-half, steve, thank you, fox news and the washington examiner bringing you the first televised iowa republican presidential debate, thursday, august 11th, here on the fox news channel and all you need to know is on our web site, the candidates, she issues,, and we're on the air here, alisyn. alisyn: dramatic details, now, merging in the sexual assault case against the former imf chief, the hotel maid accusing dominique strauss-khan to rape her is stepping out of the
7:03 am
shadows, revealing her identity for the first time and taking her side of the story, straight to the public. fox's rick leventhal is live with details. tell us what the maid is now saying. >> reporter: well, she is saying she wants justice. she has been called a liar and a prostitute and accused of trying to make money off one of the most powerful men in france, but she says the attack was real and she is from guinea, west africa and didn't know him and thought his room was empty when she went into clean and told abc's robin roberts, he surprised her naked an pounced. >> i was like, i'm so sorry and i turn my head and, he come to me and grabbed my breast, no, you don't have to be sorry and i said, i don't want to look... and, yeah, stop, stop this, stop this, but he keep pushing me and pushing me, to the hallway, back to the hallway, keep pushing me and i was afraid.
7:04 am
and i was so scared. >> reporter: she said she was forced to perform oral sex and he left quickly after and she was shaken and scared and cleaning the room, before telling supervisors and police she had been attacked and a "newsweek" journalist who spoke with her said she was vague on elements of her past but convincing on describing the assault. alisyn: what are dsk's lawyers saying about her story now. >> reporter: the defense attorneys released a statement blasting her and her lawyer, suggesting, quote, she is a first accuser in hirstory to hae a media campaign to persuade a prosecutor to pursue charges against whom she wants money and to ause them of violating fundamental rules of professional conduct, saying the number of rallies and press conferences and media events they orchestrated exceeded only by the number of lies in the statements she has made to law enforcement. friends, medical professionals and reporters, it is time they say for the unseemly circus to
7:05 am
stop. strauss-khan pleaded not guilty to the assault and his attorneys say any sex was consensual and there is a court appearance, one week from today. alisyn: we'll see what happens with the charges, rick leventhal, thanks for the update. >> reporter: sure. bill: how about this. 23 straight days of triple digit temperatures. and, dallas, texas, there has been no relief from the heat and there are new concerns that a scorching weather can trigger new wildfires, maria molina is live in the fox weather center. how is it in texas. >> hi, bill, the heat is not going whaern across the central and southern plains and you mentioned the possible wildfires being sparked up and the reason is because we have a big high pressure system in place across the center of the u.s., no rain in the forecast and scorching-hot temperatures, and the one good thing as far as wildfires go is we don't have gusty winds and calm winds are in place but, drought conditions will provide a lot of dry brush, for these wildfires to be fueled.
7:06 am
otherwise, high pressure system not going anywhere already kicking off the work week across the center of the u.s., you mentioned 23 consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures in dallas, texas, actually, the 5th greatest streak of 100-degree temperatures so far for dallas and check out the forecast, 106° monday, 104° tuesday and 104 wednesday and we think, it is going to continue, and, by the way, the record is 42 days for the greatest consecutive days of 100-degree high temperatures and that was set back in 1980. so a long time ago. and looking like it will continue, out here and other areas across the center of the u.s., also looking at hot temperatures, 94° in kansas city and 95° in memphis and getting a break in the northeast, new york city, high, 80°, get out and enjoy it, it will not last too long, we have, again excessive heat warnings across portions of the u.s. because of the high heat index values and by tomorrow, the heat across the
7:07 am
center of the u.s., check out the high tomorrow, for new york city, bill, 90°. bill: we'll take that, friday, saturday, felt like walking through a hair drier. thanks, maria, talk to you soon. alisyn: an american airlines jet making an emergency landing in dallas. these are pictures of the plane dumping fuel mid-air and it had to change course and head back to the airport, and now felony had taken off, and it was down from brazil and this is one -- when an engine and the landing gear caught on fire, fortunately, no reports of any injuries. and the faa says it is investigating what caused the fire. bill: not getting much of a break from the weather. not much of a break from the price at the pump, either. the latest aaa survey shows gas prices climbing 11 cents from a month ago. and a gallon of regular causes an average $3.69 across the country and cheapest gas is in tucson, arizona, and folks in
7:08 am
chicago having to pay more than $4 a gallon, i paid more than $4 this weekend. alisyn: you should drive to tucson, and drive back. it will be cheaper. bill: you are one smart cookie! alisyn: meanwhile the clock is ticking to a debt deadline and house speaker boehner refuses to put a nail in the con on the grand bargain he and the president had been negotiating. >> it may be hard to put humpty-dumpty back together again but, my last offer is still out there. alisyn: so, can a deal between both sides still be reached? we have democratic california congressman alan schiff who will join is live in minutes. bill: and an incredible story of survival. a little girl rescued hours after a horrific train crash nearly crushed her. the story of survival, coming up. >> and there is still no trace of jackie waller, the mother of triplets missing since june 1st. her mom joins us live in just three minutes with the latest on the case.
7:09 am
>> it is a nightmare that never ends. i don't know how we're holding together. we have a strong church family that helps us, prays for us, but, it is just getting tougher and tougher, because the kids ask so many questions that we don't have answers for, and they want to know where their mommy is. ch to food ch to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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bill: an amazing tale of survival, a two-year-old girl clinging life. for 21 hours, after an horrific train crash, in china, several cars fell off a bridge, after a commuter train slammed into it on saturday, 36 people were killed. that crash now raising doubts about china's ambitions of expanding the high speed rail. look at that. alisyn: there are new leads coming in on the missing mother of triplets from missouri, jackie waller vanished nearly 2 months ago on june 1st and friends and family and hundreds of volunteers are combing through the woods on the lookout
7:13 am
for any evidence that could lead them to jack i her mom, is leading the crusade for answers and joins us now, on the phone. good morning, ruby. >> caller: good morning. alisyn: we know you had a major search yesterday, tons and tons of volunteers, hoping to look for any clues for jackie. did you turn up anything? >> caller: not that i'm aware of. not yesterday and the search is going on daily. it is not just the big ones on the weekend, but law enforcement is doing searches every day, and every time a lead comes in they check it out. alisyn: of course. we know jackie's father said something interesting this weekend, he said he predicts a break in the case, this week. what makes him think that. >> caller: i think it is a gut feeling, there are so many new leads coming in and they are good ones and we feel like it is going to happen, pretty soon, we are positive. alisyn: it is no secret you have long thought that her estranged
7:14 am
husband, clay, is somehow involved in her disappearance. where is he? what is his status today? >> caller: far as i know, he's still... he acts like nothing ever happened. he acts like he misses her, but he sure threatened her a lot over the last year. alisyn: do you think the police are doing enough to check out whether or not he was involved? >> caller: oh, absolutely. yes. they are night and day, there are officers on this case, major case, and jackson police department, and we have fbi, and everybody, they are working diligently, a combined effort, to get answers for us. alisyn: one of the most heartbreaking elements of the case, of course, are jackie's triplets. we have been seeing pictures of her with them and know what a loving mother she was and would never have voluntarily left her kids. what are you telling the kids?
7:15 am
>> caller: mostly, we just tell them we miss her, too, and we don't have answers for them, that is the hardest part. they have come up with different ideas where they think she is, but, every day, they, you know, ask the same questions, when is mommy come home? -- coming home. alisyn: must be so hard to answer those questions for them and how are they doing? what do they think happened to their mom? >> caller: they know she is missing and like i said, one of them decided she went camping, one thought maybe because the last time they saw her she was going to work and maybe her boss wouldn't let her come back home. they decided sometimes maybe she is in heaven, but we just try to stay positive with them and tell them that everybody is out looking and we hope to find her. alisyn: we want to put up the tip line if you have any information about jackie waller and her whereabouts, call this tip line, 910-232-1687.
7:16 am
have the kids seen their father at all during this, or are they not allowed to? >> caller: no, they are not allowed to, they are under protective order for him to stay away because he also made threats, that he would kill the children. alisyn: well, let's pray this is the week the police are finally able to help find jackie and, solve the case. ruby, we are thinking of you and we pray that you get some information soon. thanks for coming on. >> caller: thank you so much. bill: extremely tough time for them. alisyn: heartbreaking to think of the answers for the kids. there are no answers. bill: they have been tough, too and come on tv and talk about this, eloquent, and, the best to them and also to the police, trying to figure out what happened to this mother and where is she. 17 minutes now past the hour. a federal gun program meant to catch the bad guys back firing horribly. fox news uncovering exclusive information on people buying guns in this country that ended up in the hands of mexican drug
7:17 am
lords. alisyn: and a deadly fiery crash on a major highway, a soldier witnessed it all happening and raced across the highway to help save 30 people. this hero soldier joins us live, on "america's newsroom." ♪ ♪ i like dat, all right [ male announcer ] mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...or a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free
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alisyn: breaking news for you now, because there are new developments out of the news conference that happened in oslo norway on the horrible terror attacks in norway and the bombings. the suspect in court this morning, apparently issued a warning and he said that he knows of two more terror cells, his name is andres brevik and he's accused of killing at least 93 people, injuring dozens more, and he claims that there were
7:21 am
two more cells in our organization. no one knows exactly how to interpret that, but, of course, that warrants investigation, by the security officials there. his attorney says he doesn't know what the statements mean but we are looking into it and we'll bring you developments and information as they come in. bill: learning a lot more about this, very soon. all right, a fox news exclusive now there, are even more revelations, new, this morning about operation fast and furious. fox news learning the feds failed to perform background checks on people known as gun buyers, the people who purchase the guns from the drug cartels -- for the drug cartels and the straw gun buyers have criminal backgrounds and william lajeunesse is live in l.a. on this, good morning. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, bill, what occurred suggests that the integrity of the system used to stop felons from buying guns has
7:22 am
been breached or compromised. either by accident or intentionally. and that not one, but two u.s. law enforcement agencies may have helped put some 2000 guns in the hands of the mexican cartels. >> a lot of guns. and that was the first thing that came to my mind. >> reporter: the attorney represents manuel acosta, accused of recruiting 19 straw buyers late are in diet for smuggling guns to mexico. >> -- indicted for smuggling guns to mexico. >> they buy a couple rifles and walk out and give it to the guy and he gives them a few hundred bucks and that's that. >> reporter: it's not easy to buy guns, some of them should be denied. >> it is a terribly ill-conceived investigation and bordering, if not crossing in the criminal activity. >> reporter: to purchase a gun every buyer fills out the form and it asks: have you ever been indicted for a felony? charged with a crime that allows for a year in jail?
7:23 am
are you subject to a restraining order? the gun store forwards that to the fbi which approves, denies or delays the purchase. >> hi, is jacob here? he isn't here right now. >> reporter: we tried tracking down buyers jacob chambers and sean stewart, both had criminal records which should have made them prohibited purchasers and instead were allowed to buy 363 guns. >> you cannot sanction illegal activity to further an ill-fated, ill-founded, ill-conceived investigation. >> reporter: one that allowed a 24-year-old to buy the gun used to gill border agent brian terry. >> reporter: now, the fbi which mansion the background check database refused to comment when asked if it cooperated with the atf in this investigation, bill, however, one of the atf agents, the whistleblowers here, told us that the atf would routinely get
7:24 am
a phone call, from the fbi when one of these guys tried to buy a gun and the sale would go through which we now know some of those should not have. back to you. bill: good reporting, william, thank you, william lajeunesse in l.a. alisyn: we are awaiting a briefing on capitol hill into islamic extremism here in the u.s. and why one congressman is calling for an investigation and first of its kind report on the threat. bill: is social security at risk in the debt debate? the new fight on the hill to make sure these benefits go nowhere. ananananannouncer ] the network.
7:25 am
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7:29 am
and a lot of that is not substantiated and we'll await information from the coroner, age 27, far too young to go. amy winehouse, this weekend. alisyn: there is no debt deal in sight on the crisis, and time of course is running out and with talks on capitol hill, breaking down, house speaker john boehner will unveil yet another bill today, republicans and democrats are so far apart the senate majority leader, harry reid is revealing a bill of his own, doug mcelway is live on capitol hill. what is the latest at this hour? it seems to change every hour. >> indeed it does, if not by the minute and what we said an hour ago is irrelevant. here is what is happening today. speaker boehner on the house side will be meeting with the republican conference at 2:00, this afternoon, and he'll presents a framework for a bill, and not the bill itself, which is still being crafted as we speak and is not expected to be ready until late tonight, but that framework will include
7:30 am
this: $1.2 trillion in cuts, over ten years. it would raise the debt ceiling in two phases, phase a, the first phase, would enable the government to pay its bills through the end of this year and the second phase, congress would consider a new plan in the year 2012, and beyond, based upon the recommendations of a congressional commission. and here's the difficulty that boehner faces, among many others, keeping his freshmen conservatives in line, and on board with the plan, and, in a conference call with the republicans, yesterday afternoon, boehner said this, quoting now: "if we stick together i think we can win it for the american people, because i do think there is a path but it will require us to stand together as a team and will require some of you to make sacrifices but if we stick together as a team our leverage is maximized and they have to deal with this. if we are divided our leverage gets minimized." . this goes right to the heart of what the freshmen republicans
7:31 am
are thinking, in his interest in keeping them on board. listen to senator ron johnson who spoke on fox news an hour ago, about the mindset of republican freshmen. >> i don't think the political class here understands the freshman class. the only guarantee i made, during my election campaign was, i would never vote with my re-election in mind and i came here to prevent america from going bankrupt, and, that what is we need to concentrate on and what the constitutional amendment would do. >> reporter: these are obviously people who came to washington with a pledge to cut spending and many do not want to compromise on that pledge, alisyn. alisyn: and doug, there is a lot of confusion about social security checks and whether or not they actually will be able to go out, august 2nd. and what is the update? >> reporter: this is a big question mark. we simply don't know, because, no plan has been formulated. on the senate side they are also working on their own plans, let me give you an idea of what the senate planned, harry reid and mitch mcconnell have been working on which would involve
7:32 am
$2.7 trillion in cuts, and some of the money not spent, apparently on future wars. question about that and some call that a gimmick and there is no revenue component to that plan, in other words, it would not involve any tax increases, and, there would be no cuts to medicaid, to medicare, nor, to social security in the senate plan, but, apparently, the president was presented with that senate plan this morning, and, he, has rejected it. so, that is where we stand now. alisyn: we'll check back with you in two minutes and see what changed! thanks, doug mcelway for the update. our research team, the brain room, where we keep the smart people are looking into the government benefits for you and the government sends 70 million checks out each month, in august there will be 49.2 billion in social security spending. and, in the defense area, more than 30 billion dollars in payouts, and it will be paid in august even if the worst
7:33 am
happens. bill: homegrown terrorism, a congressional briefing on capitol hill today, a brand new report details the infiltration of the muslim brotherhood in america. something representative peter king out of new york has also been focused on and said this a few months ago: >> today, we must be fully aware that homegrown radicalization is part of al qaeda's strategy since -- to continue attacking the united states. al qaeda is actively targeting the american muslim community, for recruitment. bill: peter king back in march. now, what to make of all of this, a terrorism analyst for cbm news and author of the book "the terrorist next-door." >> great to be here. bill: what is the hearing about. >> the muslim brotherhood is a dangerous force in egypt and here in america. we know this because the fbi uncovered muslim muslim brotherhood documents, bill, a few miles from where i am sitting in washington, d.c.,
7:34 am
uncovered muslim brotherhood documents, naming several major american muslim organizations as, quote, friends of the muslim brotherhood. why is this a problem? the muslim brotherhood is the grand daddy of them all when it comes to islamic terrorist groups, they spawned hamas and al qaeda, bill, usama bin laden. ayman al-zawahiri, khalid sheikh mohammed, all of these al qaeda kingpins before they formed al qaeda, they belonged to the muslim brotherhood. bill: much of that came out of egypt but the report today is done by a group out of florida, citizens for national security. are you familiar with this group? >> you know, i don't know too much about the group, bill... bill: apparently they'll name names. >> okay. i'm looking forward to it. yes, look, number one, the islamic society of north america, an alphabet soup of these islamic groups and the islamic society of north america is named in those muslim brotherhood documents, that i mentioned. yet, bill, this is a group that
7:35 am
has an open door, to our white house. this is a big problem, because the muslim brotherhood's goals, yes, they differ in tactics from al qaeda but the goals are the same as al qaeda. bill: what do you mean? what do you mean they have a front door pass to the white house? >> well, look, this is a group that is in meetings with the obama white house, and advising this obama white house, on its muslim outreach policies. and they have been presents, had the group, the islamic society of north america, at white house function and have met with janet napolitano, the homeland security chief. and, bill that is not just me saying it. do a google search and all of the information is readily available on the web. and... bill: proof they are a threat here? where is that. >> if you look at the... look, the muslim brotherhood's own documents, as i said, name this group as one of their organizations. they are a threat because the muslim brotherhood's motto, bill, is jihad is our way, dying in the path of allah, martyrdom
7:36 am
is our highest hope, that doesn't sound democratic or american to me. bill: allen west, who had his own explaining to do, last week will head up the hearing. what do you think the take-away will be? >> hopefully the message is pushed that the muslim brotherhood is not only a threat in egypt, the brotherhood is here in america, and they have a strong presence, right here in america, and, they are working actively in the halls of power, the white house, the media, the educational institutions, to advance an inherently anti-american agenda that has nothing in common with the u.s. constitution. it sounds conspiratorial, bill, and i know and it is a fact and we know it because the fbi as i said has uncovered these documents, that lay out their entire strategy, for america. bill: the hirings called combination of muslim brotherhood, 50 year history of infiltrating america and we'll see what comes up and if there is a headline we'll bring you back tomorrow, eric, thank you. >> thanks, bill.
7:37 am
bill: alisyn? alisyn: well, there is a scramble on capitol hill, of course as both sides are trying to get their plans passed for the debt crisis, california congressman adam schiff joins us live to break done a bill the democrats are rolling out -- break down a bill the democrats are rolling out. and after a horrible crash we hear from the hero soldier who jumped out of his car and raced across the highway into a burning bus to save lives. >> within a split-second it became so difficult to breathe, the air was almost black and, people were screaming and yelling and everybody was pushing to try to get out, and it just seemed like... like it took forever to get out of the bus. almost tastes like one of jack's als.
7:38 am
7:39 am
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7:40 am
alisyn: the battle over the debt crisis ping-pongs back and forth and the clock is ticking to a deadline, and both sides are
7:41 am
now, woulding on separate plans, after failing to find common ground over the weekend. house speaker john boehner, appearing exclusively on fox news sunday yesterday, says any thoughts of going back to the obama administration's grand bargain might be a nonstarter. >> it may be hard to put humpty-dumpty back together again but my last offer is still out there. alisyn: at fox news we keep our coverage fair and balanced, last hour we spoke with republican ron johnson and for the other side is california congressman adam schiff, good morning, and thanks for being here. >> good morning. alisyn: okay. >> thank you. alisyn: we're 8 days away. where are we at this hour. >> it's not encouraging. i don't like the fact you have the republican leadership and the house working on its own idea and the senate leadership working onitis own idea, at the end of the day a party line approach will not work and has to get through both houses, i'm concerned after the break down this weekend. we have to avoid defaulting on
7:42 am
our debt, our top priority has to be the american economy and what we can do to get the economy moving again and the uncertainty is crippling us and it is harming us around the world and will result in a lower bond rating, it will result in higher interest rates, and we need to keep our focus on getting this done, in a way that improves our economy and i see us getting away from that and it concerns me enormously. alisyn: harry reid said he'll present a proposal based on media reports, it will include $2.7 trillion in cuts. do you know any more about what the democratic proposal looks like. >> i don't and i don't know how much of that will also encompass the idea that the bush tax cuts, go out of existence and it seems hard to believe, that he will be proposing merely $2.7 trillion in cuts, without any increase in revenue, something he has always supported. so, it is very hard to gather. i think grover norquist opened a
7:43 am
window for parties to get to agreement without violating their norquist pledge by assuming that some of the bush tax cuts go out of existence. and, at this point we don't know whether that is part of the senate plan or not. alisyn: as you know, a balanced budget amendment plan, the cut, cap and balance act, died in the senate. what is wrong with the balanced budget amendment? >> well, what is wrong with it, at this hour is that for the -- from beginning the senate and president has said it was a no-go. alisyn: what is the problem -- americans seem to like the idea of politicians having to presents a balanced budget and live by a balanced budget every year. why not vote for that. >> most economists will tell you it would be a grave mistake, because when the economy goes sour you need to do counter cyclical things to get the economy back out again and it would be precluded by a balanced budget amendment and we didn't need a constitutional amendment to restore our deficit and debt situation in the clinton administration and did that
7:44 am
without a constitutional amendment, and, an amendment would take many years to get passed and will not address the current crisis and what we have, really, is a need for the political will to get the job done and a willingness to compromise the way we saw tip o'neill and ronald reagan get to that and that is what we need to do but the proposal that was floated in the house, a week or so ago, that would limit revenues to what they were, many years ago, that would effectively result in cuts to medicare and social security, greater than even what the ryan budget proposed, was always going to be a nonstarter and did what it was intended to do which was give the house republicans, some cover, if they have to make a more difficult vote this week, but it didn't really advance the discussions very much and i think it is unfortunately, a needless distraction. >> congressman, we appreciate you coming into talk about this. please let us know if anything happens today and good luck with getting all of this squared away.
7:45 am
we appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: happening now is coming up in 15 minutes, checking in with jon scott. how are you doing. >> good morning to you, the debt drama intensified, as you heard from alisyn, still no deal as two leaders of opposing parties in both parties are work on plans to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling and the question is can anything get done by the august 2nd deadline and could the deadline even get moved? we'll talk with one of the u.s. senators involved the in the talks and also, another story out of d.c. that could impact you and maybe in a good way the faa has not had its funding reunused. could save you money on airline tickets. but, will it? and a horrific grizzly bear attack on teenagers and plus we are at risk from an oslo-style attack in the u.s., we'll explore the possibilities, ahead on happening now. bill: see you at the top of the hour, fox news learning harry
7:46 am
reid called a special meeting of the caucus, democratic caucus, 6:00 tonight. to go over a $2.5 trillion deficit reduction plan. that has no revenue raisers, and also no cuts in health care related in entitlement programs and we talked to our producer, chris turner and that is important, mandatory programs, an important distinction, because farm subsidies are known to be in the cuts, 6:00 tonight, the democrats, see what the republicans do in the meantime, dribs and drabs of information, and stunning details from a terrifying scene at a campground, a giant grizzly bear attacking a group of teenagers and how a kid used a foot and a lot of bravery to save lives. >> they scattered and the bear started going after a bunch of kids in the group. and, you know, it got him and knocked him down and, he said the bear bit him and went away and came back. or even 20 years?
7:47 am
call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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alisyn: a terrifying scene in the wilderness of alaska, a grizzly bear attacked 7 teenagers participating in a survival skills program. two teenagers are fighting life-threatening injuries this morning. while two are in serious condition, and we are told the others have minor injuries. but, this could have turned out much worse, had it not been for another kid with a good kick. >> there was another boy, who came -- they are fighting the bear off and kicking him, and, another boy came up and started kicking the bear, you know, to help fight the bear off and the bear then went away, so, i don't know who that was but i'm grateful. alisyn: the group activated an emergency beacon after the attack and the victims were
7:51 am
air-lifted to the hospital. bill: the incredible story now, of a true hero. army sergeant jacob perkins, was only 9 minutes on leave in upstate new york and saw this fiery accident, sergeant perkins rushing to the scene to help people after a tour bus in new york collided with a tractor-trailer, bursting into flames and the sergeant is here with the story, live in springfield missouri, sergeant, good morning to you and job well done. >> thank you. bill: you served time in iraq. what happened last week on that highway? >> i was on my way home and seen the accident and engulfed in flames, so i stopped on the side to give help. bill: and you heard explosions? coming from the bus? >> yes. bill: and you approached the bus and it was it on fire at that point, sergeant? >> yes, sir.
7:52 am
it was. bill: and what did you do? >> just ran over there to make sure everybody was okay. and that everybody had gotten off the bus. bill: how many people did you help. >> a couple guys on the bus, i guided them to the door and they were up front and i searched the bus to make sure nobody else was on there. bill: do you think they would have gotten out if you were not there? >> i believe they would have. bill: do you think you saved some lives or saved them from further injury or possibly both? >> i like to think i helped out. bill: i bet. job well done. you were across the median and you had to run across the highway, is that right? >> yes, sir. bill: and you reached the bus and you were there for how long, sergeant? >> until approximately 6:00 in the morning. bill: really? you stayed there all night?
7:53 am
what were you doing? >> i was helping the people out, and trying to make sure everything was okay. and i helped a family get to their father. bill: you drove a family to a hospital, right? >> yes, sir. bill: was it two hours away from where you were? >> at first we drove to the wrong hospital, and they rerouted them by the time we got there and we had to turn around and go back, yes, sir. bill: and you helped reunite them? >> yes, sir. bill: wow, well, job well done, we wanted to hear your story today and recognize you for what you did, sergeant. that was brave and remarkable. thank you, sir. >> appreciate it. bill: all right, my best to you and thank you for your service. and when you get back you'll have a heck of a story to say, to tell your buddies, okay? alisyn: sergeant perkins, low-key nature. belies what he did, running across the highway with a bus
7:54 am
that was exploding. very brave. all right, this coming up, the cost of flying, just got more expensive, if you can believe it, because prices went up, over the weekend. what is behind these price sns we'll explain.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
alisyn: here is something you don't want to see when you're taking a dip in the ocean. a 13-foot shark cost off the shore of south florida weighing in at more than 1500 pounds. they caught the shark in 350 feet of water. this spark is unique because the upper fin is about half the event of its entire body. at least you could see him coming. bill: at least it's at 50 feet. nothing like a months on the loose to drive up the excitement in the neighborhood. that was the case in idaho falls. this furry gal wandered down from the hills. animal control says it happens
7:58 am
every once in a while. they arrived on scene and sedated the months. what does a sedated moose look like? ask the kids. >> it was kind of droop me. >> did it walk like a drunken sailor. >> yeah. >> it did. bill: the moose is back in the proper neighborhood. all is well. it's really not a moose on the loose any more. jenna: i like that it wa hreupbz . alisyn: i like that it was droopy and dizzy. bill: you're back tomorrow. alisyn: i'm not. bill: all right. "happening now" is right now. have a good day, everybody. jon: hello to you, i'm jon
7:59 am
scott, have a happy monday. jenna: i'm jenna lee. here in the fox newsroom. right now a news conference is expected to begin in oslo and they are expected to discuss andres breivik. he was in court earlier today and he admitted carrying out the devastating attacks that killed 95 people. he wanted an open hearing so he could explain his action. the judge denied him an open stage to air his views. he pled not guilty saying thinks attacks were necessary to save norway and western europe from a muslim take over. greg burke has more. >> reporter: andrers breivik has been put in a month of isolation. he admits everything. he says he's

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